Are you a Katelyn Crist Photography Bride?


      Weddings are our specialty. Capturing the love shown on your special day is what we do best and we love every minute of it! We want you to see your wedding day through our pictures and video the exact way it happened. We want you to see the love, the laughter, the joyful moments, and those special little looks you sneak to your loved ones because it is the happiest day of your life


     All of our packages are custom designed just for you and your needs.. these we have shown below are just the basics of what will be included in the package you choose. 


     Before we continue I want to show you what booking a wedding with The Crists Photography and Videography looks like...


     First, the Bridal Consultation with me (Katelyn)! I cannot wait to hear your story! I would love for you to tell me all about you two, your engagement story, how you fell in love, etc. I might even tell you a little bit about the love of my life (your videographer). Why do we share? Because we want you to know us like we will be getting to know you. We will have the opportunity to be there for you on your special day and we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed around us so we can get those beautiful candid shots that are oh. so. important. Also, we will go over all the details of your wedding... the colors, the photography locations, the venue, the schedule, the look and feel you are going for on your big day. I have a simple and easy questionnaire for you to fill out to help you nail down all the details. This time also gives you another opportunity to ask me any questions you may have. If you choose The Crists we will also go over the contract, and require a 20% retainer fee to reserve your special date!


      Second, the Engagement Shoot! SO FUN! We also do this not only so you can get some fantastic shots for you to display at your wedding, share with family and friends, to decorate your home, to create slideshows for your reception, etc. BUT ALSO, another great opportunity for us to get to know each other. This really helps direct me when we are setting up your couples shots on the big day. I am confident that the more we get to know each other beforehand, the more pleased you will be with the finished product. 


     Thirdly, the BIG DAY! Finally here! You can count on us to be there to capture all those moments that you want to remember forever.


     Lastly, Your pictures production and reveal! You should expect your pictures to take around 6-8 weeks for post production. Why? Because I put great detail into each and every photo, sure, would it be nice to just hand them to you at the end of the day because you can't possibly wait to see them... absolutely! Totally understand how you feel. I was there too! However, what most people do not realize that this is the break down of a photographers job...


5% Wedding Prep

10% Wedding Day Capture

85% Post Production


    The blood, sweat, and tears (of joy of course..hehe) are usually added during post production. Why does it typically take that long? We edit out items that don't belong (Sometimes no matter how observant you are and try to avoid them in the capturing of the picture, it just is't always feasible) we correct color, lighting, contrast, and so much more all to create the perfect version of each photograph. Yes, we may get it close to perfection in the camera and that is what we all strive for, but editing takes time, patience and to me, its worth it. It gives each photo that something special it may have been missing before. I promise, I will get them to you as soon as I possibly can.


    You can trust The Crists to pay attention to each and every detail, you will receive fully edited hi-resolution images and video that you can treasure for a lifetime. 



Platinum $1600


 8 Hours of Photography

‣  300-400 Hi-Resolution Edited pictures on a Flash Drive

‣  Print Release

‣  10% off Prints

‣  1.5 hr Complimentary Engagement Shoot with 10-15 images on a PASS digital album.


Pearl $1300


‣  6 Hours of Photography

‣  200-300 Hi-Resolution Edited pictures on a Flash Drive

‣  Print Release

‣  1 hr Complimentary Engagement Shoot with 5-10 images on a PASS digital album


Lace $1000


4 Hours of Photography
‣ 150-200 Hi-Resolution Edited pictures 
on a Flash Drive

‣ Print Release

‣ 1 hr Complimentary Engagement Shoot with 5-10 images on a PASS digital album


Additional Package Information


$ .50 per mile to and from wedding exceeding

20 miles from Colville, WA

‣ $200 per extra hour
‣ Sales Tax is added to every finalized

wedding package 

Ask about..



Second photographer

Out of state and destination weddings...


The Crists Photography and Videography located in Spokane, WA

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